Plots in Chandigarh

The real estate trend in Chandigarh is showing a decline curve in the graph of prices from the last three months. The old kothies or old plots of different measurements ( ranging from 100 Sq yards to 500 Sq yards) have been readily available in the property market on resale but the buyers are observing silence. Presently, it’s been a consistent talk among the market consultants, realtors and developers that the prices of properties might come up sharply in the beginning of the month of November. The buyers who are observing the market will have to make quick decision before October else they might have to add extra money to buy their desired properties.

Prices trend of properties in the Chandigarh market.

A) 4 Marla housing house measuring 100 Sq yards is priced between 1.30cr – 1.5 cr.

B) 5 Marla housing board house measuring 125 Sq yards is available at prices in between 1.80cr-2.10cr

C) 5 Marla freehold houses are available inbetween 2.20cr – 2.45cr

D) 6 Marla houses are priced in between 2.60cr – 2.90 cr

E) 169 Sq yard houses begins at 2.75 cr and goes up till 3.00cr

F) 8 Marla houses roughly ranges between 3.20cr -3.85cr

G) 10marla house measuring 250 Sq yards are available in the market for a price range of 4.75cr- 6.00cr

F) A 500. Sq yards house also called a kanal house ranges inbetween 8cr-11cr

G) 2 kanal measuring 1000 Sq yards is available in between 14 cr – 18 cr.

The presently offered sizes for plots in chandigarh are 100 Sq yards to 500 Sq yards.

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