Marquee Hire Advice

Marquees are large tents available in a range of types and sizes in order to provide the perfect setting for any outdoor event. It is important to consider a number of options when deciding which type of marquee is best suited to event requirements. Consider aspects including size as well as location, and be sure to conduct extensive research into all rental options.

Size is an important aspect to consider when renting a marquee as there are a large variety of sizes available. Factors which will influence the size of rental option includes the number of guests who will be attending the event and whether individuals will be standing or sitting as a tent can accommodate more standing people. Always select an option which is slightly larger as a space which is too small to accommodate all guests can be disastrous.

Size will further depend on the amount of equipment which will be needed to conduct the event. Many rental companies include additional options such as the supply of chairs and catering supplies. Consider the shape of the item you wish to rent with options including the dome and square top with a popular choice for elegant events being the dome shaped marquees.

An important aspect of rental is whether side walls are included with the rental option. Consider the season and whether the side walls will be necessary to protect people from the outside elements. Determine the cost of these panels and whether it will be included in the rental agreement.

The best way to search for marquees is via the internet as a large number of options may become available for easy comparison. When hiring such items always consider the location and select venues with scenic backdrops for formal events. Safety is crucial when erecting marquees so ensure that the area does not include underground pipes, overhead cabling and determine whether the ground is level.

One may rent an older marquee, which although is more cost effective may possess worn or discolored material. Determine whether your event will require a heavy duty tent or a light weight material most suited to warmer summer temperatures for the comfort of guests. Always ensure that all marquees you consider meet European standards of quality and reliability.

Obtain a fair number of quotes from rental companies and compare to determine fair pricing. Do not delay in booking a particular item which is desired and request a free site assessment in order to avoid disappointment. With marquee hire tips, one is sure to make any event a success.

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