Plots in Chandigarh

The real estate trend in Chandigarh is showing a decline curve in the graph of prices from the last three months. The old kothies or old plots of different measurements ( ranging from 100 Sq yards to 500 Sq yards) have been readily available in the property market on resale but the buyers are observing silence. Presently, it’s been a consistent talk among the market consultants, realtors and developers that the prices of properties might come up sharply in the beginning of the month of November. The buyers who are observing the market will have to make quick decision before October else they might have to add extra money to buy their desired properties.

Prices trend of properties in the Chandigarh market.

A) 4 Marla housing house measuring 100 Sq yards is priced between 1.30cr – 1.5 cr.

B) 5 Marla housing board house measuring 125 Sq yards is available at prices in between 1.80cr-2.10cr

C) 5 Marla freehold houses are available inbetween 2.20cr – 2.45cr

D) 6 Marla houses are priced in between 2.60cr – 2.90 cr

E) 169 Sq yard houses begins at 2.75 cr and goes up till 3.00cr

F) 8 Marla houses roughly ranges between 3.20cr -3.85cr

G) 10marla house measuring 250 Sq yards are available in the market for a price range of 4.75cr- 6.00cr

F) A 500. Sq yards house also called a kanal house ranges inbetween 8cr-11cr

G) 2 kanal measuring 1000 Sq yards is available in between 14 cr – 18 cr.

The presently offered sizes for plots in chandigarh are 100 Sq yards to 500 Sq yards.

Tips For Conducting Building Survey

Securing business is the top most priority while one considers for lease office plans both at landlord and tenants end. Whether a company consists of thousand of people or it consists of hand full of people whether it’s a Multi national firm or it’s a local company strategic building survey its economic validation is most important factor.

As prospect tenant, before you sign up a lease agreement, you should first invest some time and do analysis of your existing requirements while keeping future perspectives in mind. Once you are over with your analysis part you should move forward in search for a usable space that fit your business requirement (furniture, number of employee. etc) and rent-able area that fits in your budget.

A space measurement or building survey should be conducted in according with BOMA/SIOR,or to any landlord lease agreement before you sign a lease. agreement. It is usually seen that when tenants directly move to operational phases without taking care of good analysis and research, in 90% cases they are subjected to surprises when they are slammed with high expenses . So it’s better for both tenant and landlord a like to obtain BOMA certified floor plans with complete details (usable, and rent-able square footage, common areas percentage)to avoid such unwanted surprises.

A couple of other aspects also come into effect before finalizing the deal. Before any deal is finalized seek a third party firm that specializes in providing laser measurement and BOMA certified floor plans or so called in the industry “as built floor plans” or “measured floor plans” to measure your office you are interested in leasing or may be buying. A board comprising of top level officials look upon the report that has been complied and after a brain storming session rounds of negotiations as final green signal is a given to move forward with deal.

Today real estate business is growing in folds day by day to find a most appropriate location a tenant need to be represented by a professional agent whose skills will help you in finding most suitable rental area for lease office plans. In the fast moving and ever growing commercial real estate world, seeking a third party that utilize advanced laser technology along with long building measurement experience is always a good practice, it will save you both time and money and of course peace of mind.

Purchasing Real Estate in Bali

Bali is regarded generally as the “Island of the Gods”. So you may presume quite easily that it can be the place of your ideal residence. Who does not desire to live with ‘the Gods’? Hence if you have cherished any desire to live with ‘the Gods’ you may try to buy a villa or a home in Bali. In this article I would try to elaborate why you should choose Bali as the ideal place to dwell in.

Day by day people from different parts of the globe flock here in search of the divine peace. As a result Bali is gradually becoming the ideal sector for real estate business. As the insurgence of people from different countries goes rampant you may miss a plot in this divine island. A delay from your part may lead you to utter despair. Hence make haste and try to gather different instructions regarding the real estate affairs.

Many people from the US or other corners come to Bali to live for good. They come here selling their properties. At the very instant people or those who love you may think that you are crazy. But within a few days sojourn in Bali will offer you enough scope to answer back their questions. You may tell them with full throated ease why you have opted for Bali.

Actually Bali has the variety of luxurious flora than any other place you know about. The remarkable terrain of mountains, the awesome river gorges, the paddy fields where paddy plants sway their heads in glee and the dazzling beaches are ready to steal your heart. Initially the name of the island may force you to think of a boring island that is all the time engaged in deep slumber. But all the time keep it in mind that Bali is always bubbling with mirth and merriment and you may find the essence of life here in the golden beaches of the Divine Island. You are sure to get back your lost health boosted if you set foot on Bali.

Bali has the exotic golf courses, the sailing yachts, rafting, riding on the horse, paragliding, scuba diving, scope of long trekking and many things that may easily draw your attention. If you decide to reside in Bali and enjoy the warmth of life all the while you must meet a real estate agent and discuss with him every detail. In the very conclusion it may be told with confidence that Bali never deprives anyone. If you feel her pulse she is ready to offer you the divine happiness that is actually rare in our beautiful planet.

Ranch Land in the US – Exploring the Options

If you are planning to buy ranch land in the US, there are multiple options to choose from. Packed with heart-pounding natural beauty, ranches in the country are simply a great way to take a break from your hectic lifestyles. Moreover, buying ranches in the country is a beneficial investment that would certainly give you huge profits in the coming years.

Are you really stressed out with your hectic lifestyle and seeking options for getaway? Well, what else can be as great as to live amidst countryside and experience the most beautiful time of your life. Peaceful country life is simply the best way to come close to nature and ranches in the US are just the right choice for you to escape from bustling crowd of urban areas.

Blessed with alluring natural beauty, ranch land in the country are ideal places to refresh your mood and boost up your spirits. In fact, it is the perfect way to utilize your vacations and spend some quality time with your friends and family members.

Besides breathtaking natural beauty, ranches in the country offer a host of recreational activities to entertain yourself. Camping, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, rafting and several other recreational activities would let you enjoy your vacations and have a great time.

Also, buying ranch land in the US is a lucrative investment. Since prices of land in urban areas are high as compared to that of land in rural areas, it is better to invest your hard-earned money in ranches of the country and enjoy future profits. Moreover, the real estate industry in the country would surely boom in coming few years that would certainly give you future benefits on ranch land you purchase today.

There are multiple options for people seeking ranches in the country. Although every ranch land is amazing in itself, but still you can make a choice from ranches of California, Mississippi, Colorado, Tennessee or Texas.

For people who want to enjoy hunting along with exploring the sublime natural beauty, Meyers Canyon and Panther Canyon ranches in Texas would certainly be the best choice. Also, you can get to see a wide variety of lakes, planes and mountains that are just the best way to get back to nature.

To feel the outstanding beauty of outdoor paradise, California Pines ranch land is an excellent option to invest your money. California is one the most sought after locations to buy ranches in the country. Packed with fascinating beaches, sweeping deserts, mesmerizing mountains and lush green forests, beauty of California ranches would leave an everlasting impression on your mind.

Colorado is another one of the most desirable places to buy ranch land. The place boasts of abundant natural beauty that just makes it an ideal option to invest finances. The fascinating view of Colorado Mountains from the famous Eagle Ridge and San Luis Valley ranches would make you go head over heels for the stunning place.

If you are seeking a vacation-like-lifestyle, Tennessee is an excellent option to purchase ranches and fulfill your wishes. Alluring natural beauty and multiple recreational opportunities make it one of the most popular places to invest money. Sugartree Falls is one such captivating ranch land that is renowned for its mesmerizing waterfalls.

Whether you are looking ranch land for sale in TN, California, Mississippi, Oklahoma or Texas, there are numerous options to cater your diverse needs and preferences. All you need to do is just finding out a reputable real estate company that provides you best ranches in the country at competitive rates.

Raheja Aranya Green City Plots Sohna Road Gurgaon

Advertized as the next booming city of NCR, Sohna, once dismissed as an immature sub-urban border area of Gurgaon, is undergoing a major facelift. Sohna’s proximity to all the important area of Gurgaon and Delhi has been the most important part of its up rise. Only few Kilometers away from Gurgaon, Indira Gandhi International Airport and many important key destinations of Gurgaon and Delhi. A residential property in Sohna is easily accessible from parts of the Gurgaon. Also, this has made the real estate outlook of Sohna hotter, with most of the India’s major real estate players queuing up in Sohna.

The city of NCR has been in watch out of such a place ever since Delhi became jammed, and Faridabad has not been producing fine results. Therefore, Gurgaon and Sohna have witnessed the rapid influx of major residential projects. The requirement of premium residential spaces have also increased in Sohna, and the so has the prices of plots in Sohna. Lifestyle defining projects are being developed in Sohna.

All the major real estate developers have chosen Sohna to develop their residential projects, and one of them in NCR’s oldest real estate player Raheja Developers. Keeping up their vow of developing premium living spaces Raheja Developers recently launched Raheja Aranya Green City in Sector 11 & 14 Sohna. An epitome of group, position and style, The Green City Sohna Road is the home of your dreams.

The residents of Raheja Aranya the Green City will have the benefit of a space that is designed for ultimate relaxation, while together being in touch with throbbing city life. With this valued residential property in Sohna, people can be confident of the best in quality, beauty and obviously the location!

Such a new residential project Raheja Aranya City Sohna Road by Raheja Group that is offering luxurious residential plots, planned for those who desire to enjoy the melodious living in the busy city life. The location of The Green City Plots Gurgaon ensures that you are never too far away from the exciting and opportune city life while enjoying the tranquil and harmony of natural living. To know more about Raheja the Green City Plots Gurgaon please dial: +91 9811 999 666.

Raheja Group takes the full accountability to offer you a piece of land where you can create your dream home according to your style. So why wait? Go ahead, reserve your residential plots in Sohna now and secure a wonderful piece of land where you can create memories that you would cherish all your life.

House And Land Packages Melbourne is The Best Ever

Are you tired of seeking where to find your dream home? Are you eager to move right away to your dream home? Are you looking for an affordable yet elegant home? Then this article will answer your all questions.

House and Land Packages Melbourne is here to provide you everything you need when it comes to achieving your dream home. There is nothing impossible in this provider, everything has been readily available for you and all you need is to pick from all of those beautiful houses they built and anytime you can move in. Every house they built underwent an intense quality control not to compromise the safety of their customer. There is a variety of house designs that we can choose from that is affordable. So, whatever stage you are in the society, surely you can have one from house and land packages Melbourne. From the friendly staff down to a friendly deal, you could not ask for more in a partner like House and land packages Melbourne.

Today, a house and land package deal are becoming popular because of the convenience that it brings. Convenience in the sense that we don’t need to pressure ourselves or to get stressed by planning, designing and budgeting for our dream home. In house and land packages there are already beautiful designs that we can choose from and has already its price tag of how much it is. For this, we can already set our finances on how much we can spend for our dream house. No matter how it takes, all of us desire to own a house because of the comfort and convenience that it can provide us and having a house and land packages being offered is a deal that we need to seize. Home is one of the most important assets that we should acquire and it is now possible to have it through House and land packages Melbourne.

We can get what we want if we only work hard for it and have a big heart to believe in ourselves that nothing is impossible. Acquiring your dream home will be your biggest decision and you have to ensure you are ready with a big responsibility in which it needs your 100% commitment. House and land packages Melbourne commit that they will provide you the most affordable, convenient, beautiful house and you will never forget the experience you have with them because of the great customer service they have.

In A Space of Their Own-Real Estate Agents

The real estate market has now become extremely organised with the presence of licensed real estate agents, real estate consultants and corporate type of offices where these agents and consultants do their business.

The people who deal in sale and purchase of industrial, commercial and residential properties and also rent and lease businesses are broadly categorised under the real estate dealers or brokers or real estate agents. A service that used to be once a bastion of the strong and mighty and those who used to have real muscle power – for the risks involved – has come to be a gentleman’s business of modern times.

Today, the real estate agent works as a help to a prospective buyer or a seller depending upon which side he is on. In case of a seller, the real estate broker works towards getting the highest possible rate for the property and on the best terms while when working for a prospective buyer, the efforts are to get the cheapest deal with the best of terms and conditions.

Meanwhile, a real estate consultant, who is a comparatively newer operator in the real estate market, limits his/her work to providing details and requirement-based analysis about the right places to invest or make deals after a thorough investigation about the property.

In such a case, even the rates of a consultant are pre-decided with respect to the kind and details of the services he is expected to provide which may include, showing the property with a detailed assessment of the value of the property, its mortgage options, providing renovation and restructuring contractors and many such services. The consultants, though a new face in the real estate markets, are making their presence felt due to people seeking their help for the detailed services they provide.

Licensed real estate agents are certified persons by either a state or a local administration to practice as real estate agents or brokers. Such people usually get the certification after gaining some real expertise in the real estate field and thus are considered eligible to assist others in the sale and purchase of properties.

The real estate companies deal with major property deals that include industrial, commercial and residential property transactions at a considerably big stage. For example they provide various kinds of services in this regard and prefer to deal with people who wish to be part of considerably big real estate projects like building apartments, dealing in big land acquisitions and sales and such kinds.

Meanwhile, the small real estate agents who usually function individually also provide details on the sale and purchase of property but at a smaller scale. In fact, they usually come into picture when there is a sale or purchase of a few apartment/plots in different societies etc. Meanwhile, these brokers or dealers are more visible in rental/lease market where the requirement is to strike a deal between individuals with regard to small and a fewer number of spaces.

The small real estate agents are becoming very much visible these days in most of the big cities across the world, where there is heavy movement of people with regard to work and then find an accommodation there.