Real Estate – Historic Perspective

Real estate means having to something with the land. Historians have been trying to find the real meaning of the real estate and its historic perspective aboutthe first use of this word but haven’t been able to agree on one. There are different references made by different people to justify their claim. Some of them say that real estate basically is another term that is used to define the land possessed by the king and the people living in those lands, used to pay some kind of money directly or indirectly to the king, as a payment for living. Others however disagree and support their point of view by claiming that the initial and the oldest meaning of real meaning is ‘to do something with. There are many laws relating to the real estate in England. Some of the land in the ancient history was used by the Kings themselves and only they had the right to pass through that land.

These roads or passes were once known as ‘King’s Highways’ and now they are known as ‘Queen’s Highways’. The history of such laws regarding the passage of monarch date back a long time, as much as the year 859 of the modern era and C14th in Wales while there is still some evidence that these traditions even existed even before these dates. These laws have the support of the blessings of Pop and we may find the origins of that tradition back in the days of Roman Empire, after Christianity became its official religion. ‘King’ in the ‘King’s highways’ mean ‘Son of God’. It also meant as ‘King of kings’. It gave the impression that he conquered all the land and the water. He could walk on the water. There is also some evidence from the days of Crusadesthat supports the idea of the term ‘real estate’beingused in those days. Pilgrims, adherents, servants and soldiers of the Roman Catholic Church had similar rights throughout the continent and also in some parts of the Middle East and North Africa.

In British terms, ‘real property’ is often shortened to just ‘property’ and is generally referred to landand fixtures. The term ‘real estate’ is frequently used in the context of probate law and implies the interests held by a deceased person in a land at the time of death. The business of the real estate is quite different in the states of Mexico, Canada, Guam and Central America as compared to the United States. Some of the similarities that these states share with US are legal formalities (with real estate agents considered for helping out the client in need of guidance in matters pertaining to the land), amount of tax to be paid, titlewill be ensured by the legal paperwork and a neutral party be responsible for handling the documentation and the money in order to make the exchange smooth. Many of the US title companies are offering their services for US buyers in the states of Mexican and Central America.